Los mejores SMG Airsoft de Call of Duty Warzone

Realmente no es un gran secreto que Call of Duty Warzone es, con mucho, uno de los juegos de disparos en primera persona más populares del mercado en este momento. Su modelo Free-to-Play atrae a millones de jugadores únicos a diario, y muchos jugadores claman en masa por la incursión de armamento que se encuentra dentro del juego. Los jugadores pasarán horas buscando las mejores armas en Internet en un intento por mejorar su juego.

Con esto en mente, no debería sorprender tanto que, dentro del airsoft, muchos jugadores busquen juegos como Call of Duty Warzone como inspiración para su última compra. Además, con una gama tan amplia de armamento que se ofrece en el juego, realmente hay una plétora de opciones cuando se trata de elegir tu favorito.

Dentro de Call of Duty Warzone, los SMG (ametralladoras secundarias) son algunas de las opciones más populares debido a sus altas KDA (asesinatos/muertes/asistencias) y su relativa facilidad de control. Lo mismo se puede decir en el mundo del airsoft, donde el SMG se destaca debido a su perfil relativamente liviano, tamaño reducido (que es una gran ventaja en enfrentamientos cuerpo a cuerpo) y altas cadencias de tiro.

Pero, ¿cuáles son las mejores opciones en el mercado del airsoft para replicar tu Call of Duty Warzone SMG favorito? ¡Este mes analizamos tres opciones populares tanto dentro de Call of Duty Warzone como en el mundo del airsoft para ayudarlo a tomar la decisión correcta!


El MP7 es un arma de defensa personal con cámara para el cartucho perforante HK de 4,6 × 30 mm diseñado por el fabricante de defensa alemán Heckler & Koch. Fue diseñado (junto con el nuevo cartucho) para cumplir con los requisitos de la OTAN publicados en 1989, que requerían un arma tipo SMG con una mayor capacidad para derrotar a los chalecos antibalas de Kevlar (en comparación con las ametralladoras preexistentes que usaban cartuchos de pistola convencionales como .45 ACP y Parabellum de 9×19 mm).

El MP7 usa un sistema de gas de pistón de carrera corta como el que se usa en los G36 y HK416 de H&K en lugar de un sistema de retroceso que tradicionalmente se ve en las ametralladoras, incluidas las de H&K.[ The 4.6×30mm ammunition is exclusive to the gun and offers low recoil. This ammunition is unique among submachine guns in that the bullet is made almost entirely of a hardened steel penetrator instead of softer copper or lead. The MP7 has a cyclic rate of fire of around 950 rounds per minute.

OUR CHOICE – HK MP7 (HK MP7 Full Auto Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle)

The H&K MP7 GBB features authentic H&K engravings on a compact frame. its realistic hard-kick blowback similates recoil for added realism. This PDW boasts consistent accuracy and excellent range despite its small size. Its other features include a two-position retractable stock with a very comfortable rubber butt pad, ambidextrous controls, accessory rails for optics and tactical equipment, and a folding vertical foregrip.


Known as the Socimi Type 821-SMG in the real world, the ‘Milano 821’ is a submachine gun manufactured in the 1980s by the firm of SOCIMI, Società Costruzioni Industriali Milano, SpA located in Milan, Italy.

At a first glance the Socimi Type 821-SMG appears to be an outright Italian copy of the Israeli Uzi, although the design sports many differences and improvements over the original project. The firm of SOCIMI had been active in the railway building sector since the early 1970s; in 1983, it entered in a joint venture with the historic firearms manufacturer Luigi Franchi S.p.A. (which later, specifically in 1987, would have outright taken over) to concentrate on the military weapons business.

OUR CHOICE – UMAREX ZOMBIE HUNTER (Zombie Hunter Eliminator Green Slide Black Airsoft Gun)

While not an exact copy of the ‘Milano 821’, the Umarex Zombie Hunter offers a cost-effective way to allow you to imitate the look of the SMG immortalised in Warzone. Unlike more expensive options on the market, the Umarex Zombie Hunter is powered by six AA batteries (not included), making it a highly cost effective entry weapon to get you into airsoft. The gun itself looks great in our opinion, and the fluorescent coloring makes it perfect for younger airsoft players looking to get into the sport.


Known as the KRISS Vector in the real world, the ‘Fennec’ is modelled on a series of weapons based upon the parent submachine gun design developed by the American company KRISS USA, formerly Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). They use an unconventional delayed blowback system combined with in-line design to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle climb.

The Vector uses an articulated mechanism referred to as the “Kriss Super V,” which allows the bolt and an inertia block to move downward into a recess behind the magazine well. The theory is that at the end of this travel, the energy is transmitted downward rather than rearward, thus reducing the felt recoil. When fired, the barrel axis is in line with the shoulder as in the M16 rifle, but also in line with the shooter’s hand. This is intended to reduce muzzle climb when combined with the off-axis bolt travel, though it also greatly raises the sight line in comparison to the bore axis. The initial prototype model by TDI achieved a rate of fire of 1,500 rounds per minute, though this was brought down to around 1,200 rounds per minute on the production models.

OUR CHOICE – KWA RONIN (KWA AEG2.5+ Ronin TK.45c2 Airsoft Rifle 104-04502)

The KWA RONIN is honestly an all singing, all dancing airsoft gun, offering all the things you would expect of a premium airsoft gun. Featuring a full metal receiver, an MLOK rail and a PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock, the KWA Ronin differs slightly from the ‘Fennec’, however, we think it looks even better than it’s CoD counterpart. Furthermore, the KWA RONIN offers some brilliant systems in the KWA Kinetic Feedback System, which simulates recoil and the Variable Performance System which allows for quick and simply FPS adjustment.

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